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Three Rivers Branch Library

200 W Oak Ave, Visalia, CA 93291
Three Rivers Friends of the Library

About Three Rivers

On December 10, 1910, at the written

request of ten Three Rivers residents,

a County Library deposit station was

set up in the River Inn Hotel. The entire library collection was lost when the Inn was destroyed by fire in September of 1911. In 1912 the Three Rivers Branch reopened in the home of Mrs. J. S. Silverton, the same year the Kaweah Branch opened in the home of Mrs. Laura Hopping. In December 1918 the Hammond Branch was established with Mr. Lawrence Hough as custodian; however, in 1928 the Hammond Powerhouse shut down and the Hammond Branch closed. In June 1959 the Three Rivers Branch moved to the Wylie Building on Highway 198. The Kaweah and Three Rivers Branches were consolidated at this location in 1960. The present library building was built by the County and opened to the public on August 1, 1977.

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