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Computer Services

All Tulare County Libraries offer Internet access, WiFi access, and computer services.Contact your local Tulare County Library for more information.

AWE Learning computers (educational games) for children are available at select Tulare County Library branches.

Computer Lab

​The Visalia Library has a Computer Lab with print services, photo copying and faxing out services.

Other Tulare County Library branches have various amounts of computers, copy machines, fax machines, and other printing services (black & white printing at all branches, color printing at select branches). Contact your local Tulare County Library for more information!

Photo Copying

$0.10 per page - black & white


​$0.10 per page - black & white

$0.50 per page - color

Faxing Out

$1.00 for every 5 pages

Tulare County Libraries do not receive faxes for patrons.

Guidelines for Computer Use:

There is a limit of one session per patron per day. Sessions are for a maximum of one hour.

Extended time up to one extra hour is available upon request. Patrons must notify the Computer Lab desk before their one hour is up for extended time.

Library Staff can provide basic assistance as needed. However, staff cannot provide in depth individual instruction, or spend more than a few minutes with any one patron.

Printing, copying and faxing are available.

Children under 14 must have parental permission to use the computer.

Please Do:

Use your valid library card in your name to log into the computer.

Use your own flash drive, or purchase a flash drive at the Library for $7.50. The Library assumes no responsibility for any damage to patron's equipment or data files that result from internet downloads.

Use earphones/headset for any audio content.

Abide by all library rules while in the Computer Lab.

Please Don't:

Failure to follow these rules will result in loss of computer privileges.

Enjoy Your Access!

Use another patron's card to log into the computer.

Run personal software or download any new software to the library computers.

Use Library computers for unlawful purposes, including copyright infringement. Patrons are responsible for any consequences of any unlawful activity.

Engage in behavior that disrupts other patrons or staff.

Eat or drink in the computer lab.

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