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Pop Up Tulare County

Locations and organizations visit priorites:

  • areas not currently served by a branch

  • non-profit organizations

  • senior and youth-care facilities

  • community events

  • schools

Available Services and Resources:

  • access to library books, DVDs, and other items for checkout

  • WiFi internet access

  • library programs and events

  • job access

  • literacy—learning to read and write

Pop Up Tulare County: The Library has Arrived

Pop Up Tulare County provides library and literacy services throughout the county with our bookmobile and outreach efforts. Pop Up strives to reach communities in the county beyond our current branch libraries. This includes regular bookmobile stops and attending one time events at schools, community centers, parades, rodeos, and festivals. Our services include checking out library books, audiobooks, DVDs, and other library items, storytimes, library programs, internet, laptops and many other library resources.


Get a heads up before Pop Tulare County visits with a library card.

Making a Pop Up Request:

If you would like to request that Pop Up Tulare County attend an event in your community or visit regularly, please fill out and submit Pop Up Request Form to

The Library receives and evaluates requests frequently, and determines if an event or stop location request meets the Library’s mission, fits into the schedule, and if the location is suitable for providing services.

Please make requests at least 30 days before the date of a first stop or one-time event. Most stops are approved within two weeks. Stops and events requesting the bookmobile must have adequate parking for the vehicle to maneuver. When the bookmobile cannot be used the Library can provide staff only for outreach events as well. In both cases, Pop Up will need an inside or outside space for staff to set up services.

The Library reserves the right to change or cancel approved stops at any point, including for mechanical, staffing, or program issues.

Scheduled Stops

Look for us at these events:

  • TBA

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