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Zip Books

The Tulare County Library was selected to participate in the “Zip Books for Rural Libraries” project which explores an alternative way to obtain Interlibrary Loan (ILL) items.

Returning Your Zip Book:

  • After 4 weeks, or when you finish reading the book, return it to Library staff at any Tulare County Library Branch circulation desk with the Gift Slip in the book.

  • Do NOT return your Zip Book in the book drop.

  • Complete the survey when asked.

  • Once the Zip Book is returned and survey completed, you can request another Zip Book.

  • The Library decides whether to add the book to the collection or donate to the Friends of the Tulare County Library.

Zip Books tests a “buy vs. borrow” methodology in which the library purchases an item not previously owned by the Tulare County Library or any other library in the San Joaquin Valley Library System and send it directly to the patron’s home. Used in conjunction with the standard ILL program, this program hopes to duplicate the cost savings of other participating libraries.

Zip Books Logo

How to Request a Zip Book:

Request a Zip Book at any Tulare County Library location with your library card. Books not owned by the Tulare County Library or any library in the San Joaquin Valley Library System – and are over a year old – may be requested.

  • A Tulare County Library Card with an account in good standing.

  • Card holder must be 18+ years of age.

  • No fee to request a Zip Book.

  • Only one Zip Book may be requested at a time. Your previous Zip Book must be returned and the survey completed before requesting another.

  • Books may be requested in regular print format, large print format, or audiobooks on CD.

  • Books costing over $75.00, books out-of-print, books that were published within the last 12 months, or text books may not be requested as Zip Books

  • Keep your Zip Book for 4 weeks. If the item is not returned, the patron will be charged the full amount of the item.

  • When your Zip Book arrives, a gift slip will be included. This slip must be returned with the book to the Library.

  • Patrons may not request more than two Zip Books per month.

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