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December 17, 2019


Public Internet Use Guidelines



  1. When patrons sign up for library cards they agree to abide by library policies, guidelines, rules, and procedures. In addition when signing into the computer to access internet service, they must agree to abide by the Tulare County Library Public Internet Policy, and Guidelines, and the CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) Policy. Parents or legal guardians agree they understand the Policies for children 17 and under when they apply for their child’s library card. (This particular policy becomes null and void if and when such compliance is not necessary.)

  2. A child under 18-years-old may have access to the internet. A child’s access to the Library’s internet can onlybe controlled by the parents or guardians. Library staff cannot act in “loco parentis”, thus staff cannot monitor use or restrict internet access of minor children.

  3. All public internet users must present a valid Library card issued by any San Joaquin Valley Library System Library (other proof of identification may be accepted under extenuating circumstances) in order to use the internet.

  4. Computer terminals are in a public area. Patrons violating any state, local, or federal law or Library policy when using the internet may have their Library borrowing and internet privileges suspended at the discretion of the County Librarian or his/her designated representative. The police will be called for violations of the law.

  5. Patrons may reserve one scheduled block of time per day. This period may be extended for one additional block of time, if no other patrons are signed up or waiting. Time periods and reservation procedures may vary by Branch Library, depending on factors such as in-house use and the particular number of computers available. Unreserved time is available to walk-ins on a “first come, first served” basis. Patrons who are 5 minutes late or more forfeit the reserved time

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