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Strathmore Branch Library

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About Strathmore

In December of 1910 Strathmore

citizens petitioned to establish a

County library deposit station,

finally opening in June 1911 in Harry North's Barber Shop. On July 1, 1913, under revised State law, it officially became the Strathmore Branch of the Tulare County Library. Between 1912 and 1936 the Strathmore Branch moved 3 times. In 1936 it moved to a new Town and Country Club House on Balfour Street. In 1964 the Church of Christ purchased the building and kept the Library as a tenant until 1976. Then, in February of 1976 the Strathmore Branch Library was built at 19646 Road 230, the same building used today. It was financed from Revenue Sharing Funds allocated by the Tulare County Board of Supervisors. The Library has since been renovated.

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