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 Alpaugh Branch Library

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About Alpaugh

Alpaugh was established as the

sixth Tulare County Library branch

in 1913. Prior to this, in 1910 a

deposit station was used as a

library, consisting of two shelves on a wall of the W.N. Billing merchandise store off of North Broadway. With support from the community, the Alpaugh Library Association raised the money for a building, and on May 1, 1913, the first Alpaugh Library opened. In 1915 more additions to the building came with awnings and screens, a much needed improvement for hot afternoons. A collection of 811 books and 196 readers was reported by 1916. Then in 1960, the present Alpaugh Branch was built and dedicated next to the old building, and the old building was later removed to make room for a lawn and landscaping.

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