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Materials Selection Policy -

Special Areas or Formats 2

It shall be the policy of the Library that obscene matter, as defined by California law, will not knowingly be shelved in the Library or purchased for Library use. Nothing in this policy shall prevent the Library from filling the request of a patron for material to be obtained on loan from another Library.


Sexually Explicit Material:
The Library shall not be shelved in such a manner that holders of the children's library cards, which are issued to children old enough to print their name, through the eighth grade, may be inadvertently exposed to sexually explicit material, as defined below.


Sexually explicit material is material which:

  • Is a photograph or illustration.

  • Depicts sexually explicit acts, as defined below.

  • Has as its purpose or effect sexual arousal or gratification.

"Sexually explicit acts" means depictions of human beings engaged in sexual intercourse, oral copulation, oral intercourse, anal intercourse, oral-anal copulation, bestiality, masturbation, lewd exhibition of the genitals, excretory function in connection with sexual activity, sadism, or masochism, whether and of the conduct described above is performed alone, or between members of the same or opposite sex, or between humans and animals.


Nothing in this definition shall be construed to include mere nudity.


Holders of children's library cards shall not have access to sexually explicit material, as defined in this Resolution, without the consent of their parent or legal guardian.

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