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Materials Selection Policy -

General Purpose, Philosophy, Objectives

​General Purpose:

The California Education Code provides for the establishment of County Free Libraries in California to meet the pursuit of knowledge, information, inspiration, recreation, and continuing education and re-education need of the public. Within the limits of budget, space and the availability of material, the Library is therefore obligated to identify the public's needs in the communities it serves, provide comprehensive library materials and services, housed in resource centers suitable to each community, staffed with persons able to match materials and services to needs.



Factors contributing to the continuation of a free society are the openmindedness, responsibility, integrity, and tolerance of a well-informed citizenry. In a free society, it is essential that the public be kept accurately informed. In this way, individuals will make the proper personal choices necessary to fulfill their lives, as well as further the goals and society. Furthermore, a well-informed citizenry will take responsible positions on current issues and will keep up with changing developments in vocational or avocational pursuits.

The public library in the United States acts as an unbiased depository for the recorded expression of humanity's knowledge and ideas. The Library as its highest responsibility the duty of providing free access by the public to all ideas and to all points of view. However, the addition of an item to the Library's collection does not indicate that the Library endorses the ideas, or theories, contained in the item.

Objectives: The Library has as its objective to assist the residents of Tulare County to:

  • Educate themselves continuously

  • Develop their creative and spiritual capacities

  • Learn and improve job related knowledge and skills

  • Develop greater efficiency in the performance of their work

  • Become more socially and politically aware

  • Keep pace with change

  • Appreciate and enjoy works of art `

  • Use leisure time more enjoyable and effectively

  • Attain greater personal and social well-being

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