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December 17, 2019


Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Policy



To the extent possible and using appropriate technology, the Library provides access to information via the Internet. Current filtering prohibits access by minors to visual depictions legally determined harmful to minors and, for all users, visual depictions that are legally considered obscene and child pornography. Within these provisions and policy, access to information through the Internet for minors shall be the responsibility of the parents.

FCC Compliance Regulations "FCC 01-120" state:

In order to receive discounts for Internet access and internal connections services under the universal service support mechanism, school and library authorities must certify that they are enforcing a policy of Internet safety that includes measures to block or filter Internet access for both minors and adults to certain visual depictions. These include visual depictions that are (1) obscene, or (2) child pornography, or, with respect to use of computers with Internet access by minors, (3) harmful to minors. An authorized person may disable the blocking or filtering measure during any use by an adult to enable access for bona fide research or other lawful purpose.


This policy is in place in order to receive discounts, school and library authorities must also certify that they have adopted and implemented an Internet safety policy addressing (i) access by minors to inappropriate matter on the Internet and World Wide Web; (ii) the safety and security of minors when using electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications; (iii) unauthorized access, including so-called "hacking," and other unlawful activities by minors online; (iv) unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal information regarding minors; and (v) measures designed to restrict minors' access to materials harmful to minors.

This policy shall be consistent with federal and state constitutional, legislative provisions and regulations, the Tulare County Library policies, guidelines, rules, and procedures. The Tulare County Library Internet Use Policy and Guidelines are used in conjunction with this policy for a complete understanding of internet policy for the Tulare County Library.

The Library's goal is to work with parents and caregivers to provide a safe environment for children accessing the internet. The Library will at times provide information and training to assist parents and their children on safety, including the limitations of filtering software and the parent's role as a guide for their children. Parents still hold the responsibility to oversee their children’s access to the internet in our facilities or through our wireless resources.

This policy will be reviewed regularly. If the federal court’s ruling or laws change CIPA or any future provisions are made, this policy will be modified to reflect those changes.

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