Pay Fees - FAQs

As of July 1, 2019, Tulare County Library no longer charges extended use fees, also known as overdue or late fines for items returned past the due date. Patrons are still responsible for all other fees, including lost and damaged materials and the cost for items sent to collections.

Changes are as follows:

This only applies to items checked out at the following 17 Tulare County Library locations:

Alpaugh, Dinuba, Earlimart, Exeter, Farmersville, Ivanhoe, Lindsay, London, Orosi, Pixley, Springville, Strathmore, Terra Bella, Tipton, Three Rivers, Visalia, and Woodlake.

Items checked out for their standard loan periods are able to be renewed up to 2 times, if eligible. Items on hold for other patrons cannot be renewed.


Patrons are notified by email, phone, or mail, depending on patron's preference and the notice type.

3 days before due date - pre-overdue notice

15 days after due date - first overdue notice

25 days after due date - second overdue notice

35 days after due date - final notice

45 days after due date - item is considered Lost and a bill is mailed


Once an item is marked lost, the patron is responsible for the replacement cost of the item and $7.50 processing fee. The patron is also unable to renew or check out additional items. When an item is returned after both fees are applied to the account, the replacement cost is removed and the patron is responsible for the processing fee.

Replacement items for lost items are not currently accepted.


If a patrons returns an item that is damaged and co no longer be used by the library, the patron is charged the original cost off the item and a $7.50 processing fee per item. The patrons is unable to renew or check out any items. Minor or repairable damages are charged at $3.00 per occurrence.

Replacements for damaged items are not accepted.


Library Card accounts that over $50.00 in fees and past extended use fees (overdue/late fines for items checked out prior to July 1, 2019) are sent to collections after 60 days and assessed an additional $10.00 collections fee to cover costs.


Will my previous fines be forgiven?

No. I am still responsible for outstanding fines and fees.

How can I eliminate my past fines?

The Library plans to provide the "Food for Fines" program to assist with fine forgiveness. This usually occurs in the late fall.

Are all fees being eliminated?

No. I will still be charged for lost or damaged items, copies, Interlibrary Loans (ILLs), computer print outs, earbuds, and USB flash drives.

Can I still check out if I have old fines or fees?

Yes, if the amount I owe is under $10.00.

I checked out a Tulare County Library item at another Library (for example, one of the many libraries in the San Joaquin Library System (SJVLS)), am I assessed a fine if I am late?

Yes. Only items I check out at a Tulare County Library are eligible. Tulare Public Library and Porterville Public Library are not part of the Tulare County Library System.

I checked out an item from another Library (for example, Porterville Public Library) and returned it late to Tulare County Library. Am I still assessed a fine?

Yes. Only items I check out at a Tulare County Library are eligible.

What if I return the item after I am sent an invoice at 60 days overdue?

If I return the item in good condition, the lost processing fee remains on the account to cover the cost of notices and staff time.

If I purchase a book to replace the one I lost, will you accept it for lost or damaged items?

No. I must pay the original cost of the item and processing fee for lost and damaged items.

Will I be charged a fee for every item that is lost or damaged or sent to collections?

Yes. I will need to pay the fees assessed on each item that is lost or damaged to cover the cost of notices and staff time or sending items to collections.  If my account shows I owe more than $50.00, it will be sent to collections and an additional $10.00 non-refundable collection fee will be charged.