Tulare County Library Pick Up

Days and Times Vary by Location

Tuesday - Friday

10am - 5pm

Computers, photocopies, and printouts are not available at this time.


WiFi is available outside the building Tuesday-Saturday 9 am – 6 pm.


  • Requests for holds can be placed online or by phone. Once notified call branch.

  • Call your local library to request items or verify holds are at the branch.

  • Provide your valid Library Card number and requested contact information. Present this card to pick up items.

  • The limit is 7 items per card per day.

  • Allow a minimum of 2 hours to locate, check out, and process items. Staff will notify you by phone if unable to locate an item.

  • Call your local library when at the Library.

  • Walk up to the entrance door to pick up.

  • Please keep six feet apart and wear a mask for safety.

  • Provide the Library Card used for the request when asked. This allows them to verify it is the correct patron picking up the items.

  • Items in the bag with receipt are placed on a table to retrieve.

  • Returns must be placed in book drops when open. Staff will not accept at the door. Items will be checked in after 96 hours.

  • Items are checked out before pickup and held only one week before being checked in and returned to the shelves or other library location.

Please be patient as not all our branches and other local libraries are open their regular operating hours. Holds are limited to locations offering limited services. Shipments from other library systems are only received once a week.


No donated books accepted at this time.

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