Special Areas or Formats I


Special Areas or Formats:

A. Periodicals:

Periodicals should be purchased or accepted as gifts by the Library because they provide:

  • Information that supplements the book collection
  • Current information not available in books
  • Additional sources of recreational reading
  • Professional reading and selection aids for professional staff
  • How and where the periodical is indexed, the cost of its subscription compared to its demand and potential use, and the availability of the title in nearby libraries are significant criteria and selection

B. Local Authors:

Material written or produced by local authors must meet the general selection criteria established for purchased and gift material. Local authors will not be added to the collection automatically.

C. Recordings:

In general, the Library will attempt to have a representative collection of recordings and cassettes comprised of all major musical and non-musical styles and types: classical, semi-classical, contemporary, modern, popular, folk music, and religious; spoken arts, including literature, documentary and historical collections, foreign language study, instructional materials and sounds.

Criteria used in the selection of recordings and cassettes include:

  • The type of composition
  • Performer
  • Quality of musical interpretation
  • Quality of recording and manufacturing materials
  • Public interest
  • Demand and usage patterns


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