Guidelines for Computer Use


Each user must have a valid San Joaquin Valley Library System library card to reserve a computer. Short-term visitors to the area are allowed use of a guest card. Each user must indicate they agree with the following Guidelines for Computer Use in order to use a public computer. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the revocation of computer use privileges.

1. To provide equal opportunity for all residents to access Library workstations, the Library limits the total daily use by each person to a maximum of 1hours.

2. Computer users can only sign up for a computer using their own library card. They may not misrepresent themselves or use someone else’s card.

3. Each user must log into their assigned computer within 5 minutes of their reservation. If not, the computer will become available to another user.

4. Printouts cost 15 cents per page for black and white and $1.00 per page where color printers are available.

5. Reservations can be made up to 1 day in advance in person or by phone.

6. Library staff will provide basic assistance to computer users, but cannot provide in-depth individual instruction. Ask about the Library’s free classes in word processing, email, searching the Internet, and other topics.

7. Some computers include USB flash drives, and library users who bring their own storage media may download to them. USB flash drives may be purchased for $5.00 at all Library locations. The Library assumes no responsibility for damage to users’ computer equipment or data files resulting from downloads from the Internet.

8. Library users may not run their own personal software on Library workstations.

9. Library users are responsible for any consequences of copyright infringement through their use of Library workstations, and may not use Library workstations for any unlawful purposes.

10. If the nature of the content being viewed on the Library workstation disturbs other Library users, the viewer will be asked to cease, to use a privacy screen, or be moved to another workstation.

11. Food and drink are not allowed.

12. Tulare County Library reserves the right to monitor all public access computer use.

13. Individuals may not violate the Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S.Code).

14. The computing and network resources of the Tulare County Library System may not be used for ill prosecution by local, state, or federal officials.

15. Any person who compromises network security or who uses the Tulare County Library System Internet connection for improper purposes may have their computer privileges revoked.

16. At the end of each computer session, customers are asked to return to the desktop menu.

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